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Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear – Inspiration – Vancouver Fashion Week

This is our selection of some stunning menswear looks showcased from several designers at Vancouver Fashion Week (Fall/Winter 2015): GET INSPIRED! FALL/WINTER collections arrived already in most of the retail stores and AUTUMN weather is just around the corner! Before you are heading out unprepared – check out those brilliant designs. In addition many of those listed designers offer online-stores where you can get your quality item.

Five minutes with model Jordan Eggert on VFW – F/W 2015

L&V: “At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to be a male model and why?” JE: “A couple years ago I think it was, kind of just as a thought like “wouldn’t it be cool to be a model?” never really thought it was a possibility though. And isn’t the why obvious? Haha. Getting paid to have your photograph taken, wear all these cool clothes, go all these places. From the outside looking in the modelling lifestyle seems so dreamy and desirable.” L&V: “Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from and how long have you been modeling?” JE: “I’m from Vancouver, and been modelling for about a year now.” L&V: “If you weren’t pursuing a career in modeling what would you be doing?” JE: “Pretty much the same I’m doing now except more of it. I enjoy creating arts, so probably more of that, an exhibition in a gallery maybe?” L&V: “Who or what inspires you?” JE: “Inspirations change almost daily for me, but lately the …