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Interview – Danny Reinke – Prelude to VFW F/W 2016

Fashion designers are the most mysterious people in the fashion world. Fairy tales are mostly mysterious, too! A quick one-on-one designer interview with the creative mastermind behind the emerging Danny Reinke Design.



Designer: Danny Reinke

L&V: “On the 19th of March you are showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week for the 2nd time. What can we expect from the DANNY REINKE label for this Fall/Winter 2016 season? Tell us the story behind your collection “Let´s get lost”?”

DR: “Let’s get lost is a collection for men and women. Conceptually we´re moved into a world of dreams and bedtime stories. It creates a pastel world with many interesting surfaces and materials.”

L&V: “Your childhood inspired the collection. What do you find fascinating about dreams & bed time stories?”

DR: “The emotions that you have after every bedtime story. The imagination is stimulated and the dreams evolve from it.”


Moodboard: Danny Reinke Design

L&V: “Which book do you like the most & which is your favourite fairy tale of your childhood?”

DR: “I think I prefer “The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids (Goats)”, but I really like a lot of the Brother Grimm stories – so I could not/would not decide on a favorite.”

L&V: “Under which circumstances do you think you can be the most creative?”

DR: “What a difficult question, I am most productive in the early mornings.”

L&V: “We know that you create environmentally fair & sustainable designs. Which fabrics did you used for your recent collection and from where do you obtain them?”

DR: “I am a big fan of upcycling therefore I find my material everywhere. Presently, wool is a big part of the current collection.”

L&V: “VFW will premier Elephantasia 2016 on the runway March 19th. Tell us a bit about it and what we can expect from you?”

DR: “Elephantasia is a great project that deals with the salvation of elephants. I will show a specially-designed haute couture dress which is inspired by elephants. I believe it will be an amazing show.”

L&V: “Whose work is resonating with you right now and do you have an inspirational mantra or a phrase that you live by?”

DR: “All I want for the future is to have the liberty of always being able to do what I want and to enjoy.”

L&V: “Are there any established designers out there that you’re paying attention to?”

DR: “Many – two names are Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. Both of them have already influenced me in fashion school, for me they are revolutionaries, they influenced the fashion world a lot.”

L&V: “You worked as an intern for the polish designer Dawid Tomaszweski who showcased several collections at Berlin Fashion Week. What have you learned from this collaboration and how did it influenced your own path?”

DR: “It encouraged me to work more in the luxury segment and to mix haute couture with pret-a-porter.”

L&V: “What´s your biggest dream for your career as a designer?”

DR: “As a newcomer it is difficult to live off your work in the beginning, therefore my aim is to expand the label.”

L&V: “Vancouver might be a magical place for your brand. What do you think about the fashion in this city & what is your hope for this adventure?”

DR: “I love a lot about Vancouver, its cultural diversity for example. To me it´s a great opportunity to present to a large, diverse audience.”

L&V: “Is there anything in particular you love about Vancouver or a Canadian souvenir you consider to take home to Germany?”

DR: “The first time I brought maple syrup as a souvenir, let’s see what it will be this time.”


Photography by Anna Voelske Photography

Collection by Danny Reinke “Let’s get Lost”

Lookbook & Campaign Shoot © Pete Ruppert Studios



Interview by Patrick Mirlach

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