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“AIOLOS” – Editorial


Throwback: Our very own model Patrick Mirlach updated his book with a shoot by German photographer Kathrin Schafbauer. Pictured outdoors at the Walhalla in Donaustauf (Regensburg), Bavaria, Germany, Patrick rocks an avantgarde wardrobe. Hair & make up by our very own Cornelia Böhm.


Photos © by Kathrin Schafbauer


PHOTOGRAPHER | Kathrin Schafbauer

HAIR & MAKE UP | Cornelia Böhm

MODEL | Patrick Mirlach


Hood Jacket: Sensual PMA

Cardigan (Red) Hood: Volume Sound

Long Sleeve (White): Unplugged museum

Cardigan (Grey): medɔk

Cardigan-Vest (Black): medɔk

Skinny-Jeans: Jack & Jones Premium

Scarf: Jack & Jones Premium

Boots: Jack & Jones Premium

Basic Long Sleeve (Grey/White): Jack & Jones

Basic Tee (Black): Jack & Jones

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