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Interview – Katia Nikolajew – Bewolffashion – Bold, Vibrant and Whimsical

In the following interview with Katia Nikolajew known as “bewolffashion” we had the chance to speak about her fantastic style, her passion for fashion and of course her always changing hair colours. We are in love with Katia’s look and would like to introduce her to all of you who didn’t hear about her yet.

L&V: “When did you decided to get into the fashion industry and why?”

KN: “Things sort of just naturally evolved over time. I have always loved fashion and really enjoy piecing together an outfit. I’ve been blessed to have plenty of positive forces in my life and lots of encouragement, and as a result it has lead me to take chances and do what I love. There is an expression that goes something along the lines of “Love what you do and do it well”. I just can’t imagine myself doing anything else.”

L&V: “Next to your fantastic & unique online shop we found your looks all over the internet, how did you get the brilliant idea to do a combination of blogging and selling?”

KN:”I had an outpour of people asking me where they could find some of the pieces I was wearing, so it made sense to try and make everyone’s lives a little easier and lead them straight to the source.”

L&V: “We love your hair! How are you able to change your hair colour that often? Do you have a hairstylist you trust?”

KN: “Thank you! I love to play around with new colours and for the most part, I like to dye my hair myself. I have a hard time trusting people with my hair due to bad experiences in the past. So who better than myself to know exactly what I want and get the job done right. I use Arctic Fox vegan hair dye. They have so many awesome colors that I can have fun and be creative with and of course Overtone which keeps my hair color vibrant and long lasting.”


Photo provided by Katia Nikolajew

L&V: “Where do you get your inspirations from? Do you follow any other bloggers you really like?”

KN: “Most of my inspirations comes from people-watching, moods, patterns, fabrics, my travels and colours to name a few. One of my favourite bloggers that I absolutely love is my babe Hails from @fridayiminlovexo  She’s just amazing!!!”

L&V: “There are so many bloggers out there, why do you think your blog is growing so fast?”

KN: “I would like to think that my creativity behind each outfit is what keeps my blog growing. The fact that I love so many different styles and are always up to trying new things is what I believe sets me apart from other bloggers.”  

L&V: “Is “bewolffashion” your full-time job or what else do you do next to looking fabulous?”

KN: “I’m so grateful to all my followers and companies who have shown nothing but love and support. They’ve allowed me to do what I love most on a daily basis. I am so fortunate to say this has been my full time job for the past year.”


Photo provided by Katia Nikolajew

L&V: “If you could describe “bewolffashion” in 3 words, what would you say?”

KN: “Bold, Vibrant and Whimsical.”

L&V: “What are your goals towards your passion for fashion for the next year?”

KN: “My goal is to continue to collaborate with lots of other fantastic people in the fashion industry, develop my own lipstick line which will be launching soon and to just let life take its course and see what journey it has in store for me next… The gypsy in me!”

“Thank you Katia for taking the time to talk to us. We wish you all the best for your upcoming projects and that your dreams come true.”

Interview by Chris Weber


Photo provided by Katia Nikolajew

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