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Interview – Flo Supersonic – A Clash of Styles

Sometimes you come across people who’s style is just dazzling you. Today we want to present you individualistic and wow! style-savvy Hair Stylist Flo Supersonic.

Flo Supersonic

We met in his hometown Ingolstadt, Germany and talked about hair, style and his visions for the future.

L&V: “How would you personally describe your style?”

FS: “It’s a wild scatterbrained mixture of everything! But black-and-white with golden or silver accessories always works.”

Flo Supersonic

L&V: “What’s your style-inspiration?”

FS: “I like clever combinations. Mixing destroyed pieces with some Dandy. I love the clash of styles. Everything I see or experience inspires me. That can be something wacked out – the crazier the better!”

Flo Supersonic

L&V: “Which city would you describe as you personal style metropolis?”

FS: “Definitely Hong Kong! Everything is eccentric there. It’s a place where you can wear everything without getting a wondering glance. It’s the place for a pink cap with Mickey-Mouse ears! Compared to Hong Kong, New York is just boring!”

Flo Supersonic

L&V: “What’s your favorite piece?”

FS: “My tattoos and my Neoprene-Blazer!”

Flo Supersonic

Flo Supersonic

L&V: “What should every man consider when it comes to styling?”

FS: “To not care!”

Flo Supersonic

Thank you Flo for this Interview! You’ll find him soon in Berlin – where he’ll be working for Icono, an amazing Hairdresser-Company at Friedrichstraße 135.

Until then he’ll hopefully continue doing amazing photographs of his travels and delight us with his amazing pictures on Instagram.

Photos & Interview by Cornelia Böhm

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