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A taste of Connally McDougall – Interview – VFW – F/W 2015

L&V: “Tell us about your starting point for the Connally McDougall Fall/Winter 2015 collection?”

CM: “The starting point was a Gustav Klimt painting, ‘Wasserschlange’ and its romantic, psychedelic, dark tones and mood.”


L&V: “The menswear collection you will be showing for Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 is the first of its kind for the Connally McDougall label right? What motivated you to branch out into menswear this season?”

CM: “Yes, it’s my third collection and my first foray into menswear. I’m responding to a growing number of requests for menswear but also it’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. I love mixing gender-neutral pieces with strong notes of masculine and feminine details.”

L&V: “Can we expect to see more menswear in the collections from the Connally McDougall label for future seasons?”

CM: “I’ve loved doing menswear! If it’s received even half well as I love it, menswear will be back!”

Photo by Kuna Photography

Photo by Kuna Photography


L&V: “Has the experience of being both London and Vancouver-based with their seasonal differences influenced the collection at all?”

CM: “London and Vancouver have nearly identical climates, so that hasn’t changed, however the style here is much more casual (I almost could say “too casual” but it’s working on its reputation! )”

L&V: “We know you love to travel. What’s the most memorable place you’ve been to, and where would you like to go next?”

CM: “Living in Budapest was one of my favourites, and I’ve been aching to go someplace warm and spicy like Buenos Aires or Madrid.”

Connally9 Connally8

L&V: “What pieces from your collection would you say are “must-have” items in the confident woman’s wardrobe and why?”

CM: “My trousers always get a great response, particularly from women with curves – I’m one of them and the cut of trousers can be delightful or devastating! My skirts also sell out every season so I’ve worked on some new silhouettes and design lines for a wider audience in terms of body type.”

L&V: “How do you feel your woman/muse has changed since your first Vancouver Fashion Week show in March 2014?”

CM: “My muse for design is always a bit irreverent and always evolving, but this is definitely my most opulent collection.”


Photo by Kuna Photography

L&V: “Your ready-to-wear couture designs, rich with textural details and architectural silhouettes have certainly caught our attention! What luxurious fabrics and statement shapes we can expect for this Fall/Winter season?”

CM: “Im using lots of devôre velvets, cashmere, fringe and recycled leather. I’m taking a lot of chances this season and excited to see the response.”

L&V: “You are passionate about sustainable and responsibly made, quality garments. How have your ethical decisions impacted your design process for Fall/Winter 2015 collection?”

CM: “Making something excellent means it has to be beautifully crafted, exquisite to look at, wear and touch, but high standards in production, including sustainable fabrics, non toxic dyes, clean and respectful working conditions and ethical labour.”



L&V: “As a highly acclaimed Canadian Fashion Designer what precedent do you hope to set for Vancouver fashion?”

CM: “Vancouver needs to be a louder voice in the global fashion arena and my hope is that it soon will be on par with London, Paris and New York.”



“Thank you!”

·Connally McDougall·

Patrick & Connally

Sunglasses by “The Optical Boutique”- Jewelry by “Zaleska Jewelry”

Photos by “Kuna Photography”, “Sam Stringer”, “Dale Rollings” & “Amy Williams Photography”

Interview by Krystal McKay & Patrick Mirlach

VFW 2015-03-17 Photo By Dale Rollings IMG_5220

Runway-Video: Connally McDougall VFW F/W 2015

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