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Interview – Hong Kiyoung – Prelude to VFW – F/W 2015

What can we expect from the Hong Kiyoung label for Fall/Winter 2015? Tell us the story behind this collection.

“There is only one goal in our brand – making the most elegant streetwear. In this season, I got inspiration from the homeless people who I met on Main Street in Vancouver. There was one homeless guy who was the most inspiring to me, and he really was making a graceful elegant figure and even with a gracious manner. After I saw him, I started to research how they dress to make the most graceful homeless look. Certainly it is not that we are homeless. However I think there are some aspects of ‘graceful’ or ‘elegance’ in them. I wanted to challenge myself to make this look as great as others.”

We understand that new Artists influencing the contemporary arts are an inspiration point for you. Whose work is resonating with you right now?

“Designer Haider Ackermann, who showcased at Paris Fashion Week & Salvador Dali.”

You’re a huge fan of vibrant, experimental prints and patterns. Have your electric graphics made it into this collection?

“I usually like those patterns and prints, but for this season I thought it would be more natural not to show them. The looks were enough without the patterns and prints.”


Can you shed some light on the colour palette you will be pulling from this season?

“White, black, ivory, camel, beige with denim.”

Last season’s Elegant Saboteur you gave us statement footwear. Can we expect more eye-catching collaborations for Fall/Winter 2015?

“As last season we worked on more collaboration work of footwear.”

What are the focal/key items in your Fall/Winter collection?

“Oversized and unisex sweats, dress shirts and coats.”

What do you think has been your greatest contribution to Vancouver fashion so far?

“It was an opportunity for me to introduce K-fashion to Vancouver fashion.”


Why do you think you’ve managed to be so successful? Did you ever doubt that it would happen?

“I never doubt that I would not be successful. I always worked very hard and took chances whenever I could. I met a lot of good people on this journey and I will keep this going in the future.”

Which designers will you be watching during Vancouver Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2015?

 “I will be watching every shows, if I have a chance.”

Do you have an inspirational mantra or a phrase that you live by?

“Yes! The wonderful image is geometry made with our heart.”


“Thanks a lot!”

·Hong Kiyoung·

Interview by Krystal McKay & Patrick Mirlach


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